Massachusetts and US: Primary Source; 19th Century Desegregation, Image of Paul Cuffee
Library of Congress
Prints and Photgraphs Division, Public Domain; Resource from the Library of Congress
Paul Cuffee (1759 - 1817) was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts of an African father and an Indian mother. He became an important African American ship captain, and wealthy owner of whaling ships as well as abolitionist and educator.  Recognizing that both blacks and Indians received unequal public education, he bought a farm in 1797 to house a school for free children of color. He was a Quaker, and one of the first to advocate emigration as a solution to the problems of racial injustice in America. In 1811, he traveled to Sierra Leone, in West Africa, and set up the Friendly Society of Sierra Leone to encourage colonization; furthermore, he personally spent his wealth to transport blacks back to Africa. He died before he could lead another expedition for settlement to West Africa.
Multicultural, Maritime History
Primary Source Material, Illustrations
History and Social Science
Library of Congress
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